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Orthodontics in Salou Tarragona

Orthodontics is the dental speciality that deals with the study, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of anomalies in the form, position, relationship and function of the dento-maxillo-facial structures; its practice is the art of preventing, diagnosing and correcting possible alterations and maintaining them in an optimal state of health and harmony, through the use and control of different types of forces.

Conventional Orthodontics


Orthodontics is concerned with correcting alterations in which tooth displacement is necessary or correcting abnormal relations when chewing, in order to achieve optimal dental and functional aesthetics.


There are also treatments aimed at adults to correct aesthetic problems, periodontal diseases, noises in the articulation and the impossibility of opening the mouth.
There is no age limit for the start of treatment.


The duration of treatment is unique to each patient, although as a general rule it is 1-2 years.
At the end of the treatment it is necessary to use a fixed and/or mobile retention appliance until the corrected teeth are consolidated in their new position.

Funcinal Orthodontics Salou Tarragona

Functional Orthodontics


Functional orthodontics is used to correct bone alterations in the jaws.


Functional orthodontics is carried out during the growth stage, taking advantage of this to correct skeletal anomalies, functional anomalies or incorrect habits. After modifying these factors, facial harmony is achieved.


La Ortodoncia Funcional es muy diversa y amplia. Existe una gran variedad de aparatos dependiendo del tipo de tratamiento que requiere cada paciente.


Although they can improve dental alignment, this is not their main purpose, which is much more effectively achieved with fixed braces (brackets).

Invisible Orthodontics - Invisalign

Invisalign treatment consists of a series of virtually invisible, removable aligners that are replaced every two weeks with a new set of aligners.


Each aligner is made specifically for your teeth, and only for your teeth. As you change aligners, your teeth will move, little by little, week after week, until they are aligned and in the final position prescribed by your dentist.


In addition, a 3D virtual treatment plan (thanks to ClinCheck® software) shows you the movements your teeth will follow during treatment. This allows you to know from the start what your teeth will look like at the end of the treatment. Based on the results of the ClinCheck® software, custom-made, clear aligners will be made specifically for you.


If you're ready for a smile that will change the way you look, Invisalign is the answer you've been waiting for. Although there are many options on the market, there is no treatment as comfortable as Invisalign.


Our centre also has the Platinum Elite distinction , which is recognition by Invisalign that it is among the 50 clinics in our country with the most experience in this treatment .


Invisalign is the best way to transform your smile without disrupting your daily life.

dental micro-implants salou tarragona


Micro-implants are screws that are inserted into the jaws to support the movement of the teeth to be corrected during orthodontic treatment.


In order for the movement of the teeth to be effective, it is necessary to have a point of support, as the other teeth often do not offer sufficient resistance to the movement.


The micro-implants are made of a totally biocompatible material such as titanium, which is used for dental prostheses or in other medical specialties, such as traumatology.


The insertion procedure is very quick and painless, although it is performed under local anaesthesia, but most of the time the removal can be done without anaesthesia.


Patients who smoke or mouth-breathe are more at risk of infection or inflammation. It is very important to maintain excellent hygiene of the area, including rinsing with antiseptic after meals.
If the visible part of the micro-implant causes discomfort on the lips, cheeks or tongue, it can be covered with dental wax or silicone.


If you notice swelling around the micro-implant or mobility, contact your orthodontist.


It is the maintenance of the position of the teeth, avoiding the tendency to return to their initial position (relapse) once the orthodontic treatment is finished and immediately after the removal of the appliance with which the teeth are placed in an aesthetically and functionally ideal position.


The retainer can be fixed, removable or double (combining the two) and must be worn permanently.

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